WORKSHOP ACTING IN ENGLISH with a hollywood actor

« Acting & The Media in Hollywood »



Workshop Acting in english with a hollywood actor. Conor Romero was born and raised in New York City, training as an actor since the age of twelve. He spent the first four years of his acting career honing his craft taking numerous workshops in New York, LA, Dublin, Ireland, and England. He continued his training under the guidance of Eric Michael Gillett and Alice Spivak. In his twenty years in the business, Conor has worked on numerous projects from National commercials to major motion pictures and independent films. He played in “The Michael J. Fox Show”, “The Following”, “Orange Is The New Black”, “Blue Bloods”, “Person Of Interest”, “ American Gangster”…

  • Audition technique and preparation for television and film
  • Scene study 
  • Acting technique
  • Script analysis in television and film
  • How to take a meeting with managers and agents
  • Industry discussion on New York City and Los Angeles
  • Professional headshot session for all students
  • Shoot a short film (depending on how many students)
  • 12 things every actor must do for auditions!
  • Improvisation 
  • Cold reading

                           Formule intensive de 26 heures  




Reprogrammation prévue pour l'année scolaire

2021 - 2022 



Horaires : 10h - 16h ( le dernière jour jusqu'à 17h)


Tarif : 490 CHF ( pour les élèves du Studio 420 CHF


Niveau : Tous. Chacun évoluant à son rythme.


Public : Dès 17 ans , maximum 15 personnes par stage.



 Acting Line Studio, 54 avenue de Sévelin, 1004 Lausanne


Acting Line Studio, 2 Cité Vieusseux, 1203 Genève 


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